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Thumb sucking habit breaking appliance

Oral Habits Case-1

Commonly seen oral habits in children are, Digit / thumb sucking, Tongue thrusting, Mouth breathing, Bruxism, Nail biting, Lip biting.
Deleterious habits such as thumb sucking affected direction of front teeth, jaw growth, contour and tone of lips, also affected skin of thumb and overall hygiene. Child was sucking thumb when he feels alone, watching television, at bed time.

Parent and child counseling was performed and child was explained about ill-effects of thumb sucking.

When child understood and ready to quit the habit; habit breaking plate was given. Follow-up done for 3 months and it worked well. Child was absolutely not sucking his thumb. Parents were happy to see him without habit. Natural jaw growth and direction was maintained.

Oral Habits Case-1Oral Habits Case-1Oral Habits Case-1

Oral Habits Case-2

Because of mouth breathing complains like bad odour from mouth, inability to close lips, proclined front teeth, lack of smiling, low confidence were seen. Upper respiratory infection or obstruction was ruled out to start treatment with removable appliance named Oral Screen. Initially some holes were kept in appliance and then holes were closed to intercept mouth breathing habit. Now child is smiling, confident with no bad odour.

Oral Habits Case-2Oral Habits Case-2Oral Habits Case-2Oral Habits Case-2Oral Habits Case-2