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About Dr. Anil Patil Children's Dental Clinic

Dr. Anil Patil has completed Post Graduation in Pediatric Dentistry (MDS) from one of the most prestigious dental schools of India, Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai.

Dr. Aparna Aparadh-Patil has been graduated (B. D. S.) from M.U.H.S. Nasik, India (2004). She has more than 9 years of clinical and teaching experience with special interest in fixing the teeth and single sitting root canal treatment of adolescents.

Children’s Dental Clinic is modern, with advanced technology, equipments like Intraoral Camera, Multimedia Education, Radiography and General Anesthesia and Sedation Machines. Interior and Kids Playing Area has been designed with fun consideration for kids. It provides Advanced Dental Treatment for Children to achieve Optimum Oral Care and Smile in Sangli.

Behaviour modification techniques are used for most of the children to receive treatment in the dental office. However, some children may require Sedation or General Anesthesia to receive comprehensive dental care in a safe manner.

Following type of children or child’s behaviour may require sedation dentistry or general anesthesia:

  • Children with Uncooperative behaviour
  • High fear of dental care
  • Complex dental problems
  • Traumatic dental experiences
  • Fear of needles and Injections
  • Immature emotional development
  • Physically handicapped children
  • Mentally challenged / Gifted children

Because of dental pain child can not chew the food efficiently which affects food intake, also affects development of permanent teeth, jaws, face, speech and ultimately physical growth &  emotional development.

Therefore, it's the dire need of hour to prevent the cavities & related oral diseases and it's right time to say bye to cavities and the subsequent pain.

So we need to come together to bring back the innocent smile of your child, that will definitely a dream come true……