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General Anesthesia

Sedation & General Anesthesia

Your little kid’s milk teeth are precious pearls needs to be preserved by dental treatment if got infected by dental decay, cavity or damage by accidental or non-accidental injury to teeth and gums.

Behavior modification techniques are used for most of the children to receive treatment in the dental office. However, some children may require Sedation or General Anesthesia to receive comprehensive dental care in a safe manner.

We can help these children or child’s behavior which may require sedation dentistry or general anesthesia:
• Children with Uncooperative behavior
• High fear of dental care
• Complex dental problems
• Traumatic dental experiences
• Fear of needles and Injections
• Immature emotional development
• Physically handicapped children
• Mentally challenged / Gifted children

Sedation & General AnesthesiaSedation & General AnesthesiaSedation & General Anesthesia