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Tooth colored filling

Tooth-colored filling

When tooth cavities are not treated promptly, they can cause pain, infection and even tooth loss. Early Childhood Caries (dental decay in children below six years) is a serious pediatric dental health problem in developed as well as developing nations, with high prevalence among children in India to be 49.6%.

Dental decay influence childrens with food entrapment, chewing and speech impairment, missing school hours, disturbed sleep, and irritable temper, affecting social interaction with deterioration of school performance.

Fillings are used to replace cavity of your kids tooth.
Luckily, pediatric dentists can help by tooth-colored filling to avoid complications.

With modern tooth-colored filling materials like composites and resin modified glass ionomer cement, we can restore cavities subtly with a smaller filling compared to silver amalgam filling. It will reduce potential breakage of tooth.

Children do not experience any discomfort during decay removal and filling.
Plan a visit with us at Children’s Dental Clinic, Sangli today, to preserve child’s precious little smile.

Tooth-colored fillingTooth-colored fillingTooth-colored fillingTooth-colored filling