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Space maitainer - band & loop

Space maitainer - Band & Loop

Your little kid’s milk teeth have some accountability like nibble, chew, speech assistance and guidance to successor permanent teeth into correct position. Furthermore, a milk tooth embraces space for the successor permanent teeth that will ultimately shove them out.

Unfortunately, injury or untreated dental cavity may cause early loss of baby tooth. This will cause drifting of adjacent teeth leading to successor permanent teeth to erupt out of position with crowded or crooked permanent teeth. This premature tooth loss can affect food chewing and speech trouble with affecting social smile.

To manage the space created due to early milk tooth loss pediatric dentists use a dental appliance named “space maintainer” to hold the space open for erupting permanent tooth.

Generally, the making of space maintainer is done in dental laboratory. Hence, it comes as a surprise gift to a child who had lost his/ her tooth prematurely.

It can be either removable or cemented in a childs mouth. Space maintainer helps to keep the space open to allow the permanent tooth to erupt into correct place.
Thus, it prevents the need for complex orthodontic treatment later.

Space maintainer has to be removed from child’s mouth once the permanent successor starts visibly coming into place.

We can plan appointment for your child’s lost milk tooth space management at Children’s Dental Clinic, Sangli.

Space maitainer - Band & LoopSpace maitainer - Band & Loop